Road & Track / Nr. 5 (1963)

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Verlag Enthusiasts Publications Inc.
Sprachen Englisch
ISSN 0035-7189
Anzahl Seiten 120

Inhaltsverzeichnis (Auszug)

Beschreibung ab Seite
The Mercedes 230-SL - new sports car replaces the 190-SL 18
New York International Auto Show Preview and Guide to the New Cars 25
Daytona Continental - Rodriguez surprises everyone but himself 43
A Mickey for Indy - AMI and a novelty for the 500 48
Simca 1000 (Road Test) - boxy, functional and well finished 52
Driver's Report on the Simca 1000 coupe - by Henry Manney 56
The Changing Shape of the Automobile - photographic contrasts 62
Excalibur Mk VI - more like a kart than a car 67
Centaur - a unique combination of components for sports/racing car 70
An Incompleat Guide to New England 75
The Slow Corner - a study of speed limits and some startling conclusions 81
England's Power-Pack Fords - speed-tuning the family-type car 84
An Artist's Impressions of the London Racing Car Show 86
Those Texas Tornadoes - Mecom, Rosebud, Messrs. Hall and Sharp (Texas race teams) 91
Le Mans Preview - innovations and old standbys for the 24-hour 108
Of Smith & Cars - a reporter dreams of road testing 112

Schwerpunkte in dieser Ausgabe

Abarth 1600 Coupe (1963)
Alfa Romeo Pininfarina (1963)
Apollo GT (1963)
Centaur (1963)
Excalibur Mk VI (1963)
Hino Contessa 900 Sprint (1963)
Mercedes-Benz 230SL (1963)
Mickey Thompson "Rollerskate" Indy car (1963)
Rover 3-litre coupe (1963)
Simca 1000 Bertone coupe (1963)
Simca 1000 sedan (1963)
Veranstaltungen / Orte
2nd Daytona Continental race 1963
London Racing Car Show 1963
New York International Auto Show 1963
Hap Sharp
Jim Hall
Mickey Thompson
Pedro Rodriguez

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