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Road & Track / Nr. 2 (1965)

Kategorie: Zeitschrift (Magazin, Zeitung)

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Verlag John R. Bond Inc. Newport Beach
Sprachen Englisch
ISSN 0035-7189
Anzahl Seiten 104

Inhaltsverzeichnis (Auszug)

Beschreibung ab Seite
Cord Sportsman - the new Cord has as many outstanding features as the old one 23
Turin Auto Show - the Italian designers display their best efforts 27
A Matter of Jacks - where do all those automobile jacks disappear to? 33
Hispano Suiza SV-16 (Salon) - when cars were big and drivers were proud of it 37
Austin Healey 3000 Mk III (Road Test) - a proven design with spirited performance 45
American Amateur Champions - what happened at SCCA's divisional run-offs 51
SCCA Production Classes for '65 - and other bits of news about the sport 56
Reaction Time & the Racing Driver - a critical look at a popular myth 64
BMW 1800 TI (Road Test) - ready for a race, a rally, a long jump or a short hop 68
London Auto Shows of the Past - great cars from between the wars 72
Graham Hill - a short biography of BRM's former world champion driver 78
Automobile Sculpture - contemporary art from contemporary junk 79
New Saab from Sweden - the latest model has several worhtwhile changes 82
Carrera Costa a Costa - Mexico's latest cross country road race 84
1275 cc Austin Cooper S - pretty soon they'll be dropping in a Chevy 86
The Automatic Transmission - fundamentals of those that shift by themselves 88
Manney's guide to guides - not where to go but what to read about it 92

Schwerpunkte in dieser Ausgabe

Austin Cooper S 1275cc (1965)
Austin Healey 3000 Mk III (1965)
BMW 1800 TI (1965)
Cord Sportsman 8/10 (1965)
Hispano-Suiza V12 Saoutchik convertible (1931)
Saab 96 (1965)
Veranstaltungen / Orte
Carrera Costa a Costa 1964
Turin Auto Show 1964
Graham Hill
John Chamberlain
Roy Lichtenstein

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