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Titelbild zu «Classic Cars (UK) / Nr. 7 (2019)»
Titelbild zu «Classic Cars (UK) / Nr. 7 (2019)»

Classic Cars (UK) / Nr. 7 (2019)

Kategorie: Zeitschrift (Magazin, Zeitung)


Verlag Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG
Sprachen Englisch
Anzahl Seiten 162

Inhaltsverzeichnis (Auszug)

Beschreibung ab Seite
Driving - The List - This month's lucky reader swaps his company vehicle - a Challenger 2 tank - for a day driving another Great British destroyer, the Aston Martin Vanquish 6
Buying - Quentin's Hot Tips - Our market guru reveals which Porsche, Mercedes and... Buick station wagon look good value in the current climate 14
Buying - Chasing Cars - Russ spies a radar-ducking Mercedes and notes movement in the values of Porsche 356s and Fiat Pandas 16
Buying - Market Highlight - We look at why this rired pre-war Peugeot could be worth half a million if its restoration is right 20
Buying - Temptations - A coachbuilt V8-engined Fiat, a tempting Triumph, and a pre-war Aston catch the eye of our resident market magpie Russ Smith 22
The month in cars - Essen Techno Classica - A gaggle of pioneering Mercedes supercars shown in Germany 24
The month in cars - Donington Historic - Masquerading F1 KERS test mule among the highlights 28
The month in cars - Event Planner - Includes a new tribute event to a tragic Welsh racing driver 31
The month in cars - Barn Finds - an eco-car with a difference emerges - a twin turbo LPG-fuelled BMW M1 32
The month in cars - Next Month - The Alfa Romeos to buy now, Steve McQueen's Porsche 911 and more 34
The month in cars - Letters - Readers tell of their personal encounters with automotive heroes 35
Contact us 35
The month in cars - Quentin Willson - ponders the classic-car repurcussions of climate-change protest 37
The month in cars - Gordon Murray tracks down an unfinished prototype from 1972 39
The month in cars - John Fitzpatrick tells of his brushes with the ultimately elusive Ferrari 250GTO 41
Special section: Mini at 60 - Swinging in Town - We take a Cooper S on a zip across the capital city it so famously conquered, and quiz fashion designer and Mary Quant on its wider cultural impact 44
Special section: Mini at 60 - It could have been a disaster - Gordon Murray uses his own Austin Seven to break down the crucial design decisions that turned Issigonis imp into an icon 52
Special section: Mini at 60 - It's a shame we never got to do a sequel - David Salamone - akared Mini-driving Dominic in The Italian Job -reveals why the model was chosen to pester Turin's rooftops 56
Special section: Mini at 60 - Royal Approval - Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon often chose a Mini above their Rolls-Royces and Astons. We drive their Downton-tuned delight to find out why 60
Special section: Mini at 60 - A small car makes small roads bigger - We reunite Paddy Hopkirk with a rally Mini Cooper more important than his 1964 Monte winner 60
Driving - Ugly Beautiful - Touring's Alfa Romeo Praho show car previewed an alternative future for the marque; we take it for a drive to realise and analyse its vision 70
Driving - Give it the Works - A drive in an ex-Roger Clark Ford Escort Twin Cam rally car that won't take slow for an answer 76
Owning - Epic Restoration - We chart the extraordinary lengths of one restorer's quest to bring a rusty mid-range Mercedes W116 company car back to better-than-new glory 82
Owning - Life Cycle - After being dumped by his girlfriend in 1971, Alan Course spent his house deposit funds on a VW Beetle. He tells tales from his 177,000-mile with the car since 88
Buying - Buying Guide - How to buy a Vauxhall Cresta/Velox PA without being stumped by scarce parts 92
Owning - Our Cars - Phil adds crutches to his garage equipment to work on his Jaguar E-Type, Ross's Renault 5 Turbo makes its creen debut, and Russ is still discovering idiosyncracies after owning his Alfa Spider for eight years 99
Buying - Ads on Test - FIA-spec Ford Falcon, Bentley Continental Convertible, De Tomaso Longchamp and Aston DB6 Vantage Volante, driven and evaluated 107
Advertise your classic for free 161
The month in cars - Why I Love - Norman Dewis on alighting unscathed from a barrel-rolled Jaguar XJ13 186

Schwerpunkte in dieser Ausgabe

Alfa Romeo Praho
Alfa Romeo Spider S2
Aston DB6 Vantage Volante
Aston Martin Vanquish
Austin Cooper Downton (1963)
Austin Cooper S (1966)
Austin Seven 850 (1959)
Bentley Conti Convertible
De Tomaso Longchamp
Fiat 8V Zagato
Ford Escort Twin Cam
Ford Falcon
Jaguar E-Type S1
Mercedes Benz 350SE
Mercedes Benz C111
Mini Cooper S (1967)
Peugeot 402 Eclipse
Porsche Boxster 986
Renault 5 Turbo
Vauxhall Cresta/Velox PA
VW Beetle
Veranstaltungen / Orte
Donington Historic
Essen Techno Classica
Gordon Murray
Gordon Willson
John Fitzpatrick
Quentin Willson

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