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Titelbild zu «Classic Cars (UK) / Nr. 2 (2019)»
Titelbild zu «Classic Cars (UK) / Nr. 2 (2019)»

Classic Cars (UK) / Nr. 2 (2019)

Kategorie: Zeitschrift (Magazin, Zeitung)


Verlag Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG
Sprachen Englisch
Anzahl Seiten 219

Inhaltsverzeichnis (Auszug)

Beschreibung ab Seite
Driving - The List - Reader Mark Dollery has always wanted to try a Maserati Bora. How will he fare driving the scophisticated Seventies supercar for a day? 6
Buying - Quentin Willson - reveals tempting Jaguar and Lotus bargains, and the Volvo you never thought of as a classic finally sees prices on the move 14
Buying - Chasing Cars - Russ reveals which Triumph, Ford Capri and Porsche 911 variants offer the best value in today's market, and looks at the extraordinary back-stories of an unmolested Aston Martin DB5 and a one-of-three Frua Maserati currently for sale 16
NEC Classic Motor Show - Art-deco Bugattis steal the annual show in Birmingham 24
Auto Retro Barcelona - The Work of coachbuilder Pedro Serra, including the rare Seat Corver, honoured in Spain 28
Barn Finds - A trailer full of forgotten classics from Denmark, and a very dusty early Audi Quattro come out of hinding 30
Letters - Ferrari Modulo designer Paolo Martin challenges James Glickenhaus, plus Ford Capri memories, advice for Steve Coogan and youthful classic enthusiasm 34
Next Month - There's a landmark birthday coming up for a Jaguar favorite 35
Quentin Willson - on a market teeming with classic bargains, including surprise Minis 37
Gordon Murray - on his latest purchases - a pair of Austins that he can't actually fit in 39
John Fitzpatrick - terrifies a would-be racing driver in a Ferrari F40 41
Buying - Bentleys to Buy Now - The world's greatest luxury cars are ripe for buying now - here's how to pick a Bentley Flying Spur, T1, Eight, Turbo R, Continental R or Continental GT for as little as £8000. Plus The marque's racing predigree, and Conti GT designer Dirk Van Braeckel talking timeless style 42
Driving - Symbiotic Dawn - On the road in one of Maranello and Farina's first collaborations - the exquisite Ferrari 212 Inter 62
Owning - Epic Restoration - The rescue of an extremly rare Alvis 4.3 Mayfair saloon so rotten it fell apart when being collected 72
Driving - Executive Decision - The Speedwell Executive could have bettered the Mini Cooper and created a new Riley range-topper. Why didnt't it? Plus Speedwell co-founder John Sprinzel on tuning Minis in the Swinging Sixties and working with Graham Hill 80
Driving - Extra Anglia - Driving the Ford Anglia Friary Touring Saloon, a coachbuilt special with grand ambitions that predicted the hatchback revolution 88
Owning - The Collector - Mark Burnett's electric collection has a vintage slant, with old racers including a Ford Model A hot-rod 94
Owning - Life Cycle - The incredible story of a Land Rover S1 - transcontinental adventurer, buried beneath a road and subjected to an extraordinary restoration 102
Buying - The Classic Cars Ideal £125k Garage - The team ponders what to do with an theoretical windfall. Explore our imaginary garages featuring everything from Ferrari and Lotus to Mini and Panhard 110
Buying - Buy a Mercedes Benz SEC - Go equipped with wisdom when inspecting the massive Eighties GT available from £5k. 116
Driving - Classic Adventures 2019 - 192 top tours, rallies and events to make a memorable year 120
Owning - Our Cars - Phil feels the heat in his Jaguar E-type, Nigel's Reliant Scimitar GTE shifts into overdrive and Ross discovers why his Renault 5 Turbo isn't talking to him 139
Buying - Ads on Test -Jaguar E-Type (p.147) Rolls Cloud III (p148), Alfa GTV (p151) and Aston Vantage (p152) evaluated 147
Buying - Advertise your classic for free 201
Why I Love... Car design supremo Harris Mann reveals the genius behind some of his favourite Austins 218

Schwerpunkte in dieser Ausgabe

Alfa Romeo GTV
Alvis 4.3 Mayfair saloon
Aston Martin Vantage
Audi Quattro
Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental R
Bentley Eight
Bentley Flying Spur
Bentley T1
Bentley Turbo R
Ferrari 212 Inter
Ferrari F40
Ferrari Modulo
Ford Anglia Friary Touring Saloon
Ford Capri
Ford Model A hot-rod
Jaguar E-Type
Land Rover S1
Maserati Bora
Maserati Frua
Mercedes Benz SEC
Porsche 911
Reliant Scimitar GTE
Renault 5 Turbo
Rolls Royce Cloud III
Veranstaltungen / Orte
Auto Retro Barcelona
NEC Classic Motor Show
Dirk Van Braeckel
Gordon Murray
Graham Hill
Harris Mann
James Glickenhaus
John Fitzpatrick
John Sprinzel
Mark Burnett's
Mark Dollery
Paolo Martin
Pedro Serra
Quentin Willson
Steve Coogan

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