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MRC – Marcel Roks Consultants


Marcel Roks, a long-time sports and racing car enthusiast, has followed motorsport from the 1960’s and participated in many notable European events to the current day. After various years in the automotive business, an opportunity arose for him to become a professional classic car dealer in the early 1980’s. It was obvious that his enthusiasm and passion for classic cars and historic racing was here to stay. The company has also competed in historic racing and rallying on various continents.

From the outset Marcel Roks Consultants has traded globally in all makes of important sports and racing cars, ensuring that cars are safely shipped and flown throughout the world for our exclusive clients. Complete client confidentiality is valued highly by the company, and this is reflected in our loyal client base.

Having been established for several decades there is a highly respected wealth of knowledge and experience within the company, which offers its services to potential clients interested in buying or selling historic sports or racing cars.

Spezialist: Händler/Verkauf
Adresse: MRC – Marcel Roks Consultants
Steenweg op Turnhout 84
BE-2330 Merksplas
Telefon: +32 14 478 900
Mobile: +32 476 886 518
Fax: +32 14 478 901
Email: classics@mroks.com
Website: http://mroks.com/
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